Zig is a successful and established full service digital media agency that constantly delivers award winning results on behalf of our clients.  Our approach is simple yet effective in todays complex and technologically evolving digital media environment, and at it’s heart lies our determination to help you drive your business forward.

As a full service digital agency, Zig offers a plethora of services focussed across the full breadth of digital media, from website design all the way through to search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising.  Yet at the core of everything that we do is brand awareness.  Every aspect of digital media services is focuses on your brand and how to create engagement with potential customers in a way that supports a sustainable and meaningful long term relationship.

A brief outline of our services as well as a case study from one of our clients is outlined below.

SEO – What Zig offers in relation to search engine optimisation:

Zig’s team of SEO consultants provide consultancy and strategic advice to businesses of all sizes, from venture capital start ups through to multi-national businesses.  We tend to take a long term approach to SEO, ensuring that your website remains at the top of the rankings, regardless of the latest search engine updates.  At the core of our approach lies the basic SEO principles of keyword research, site architecture, linking strategy and most important of all site content.  Our experience has proved that creating an exciting, quality website that engages your target audience is the most suitable long term approach to ensuring success across the various search engines.

PPC – What Zig offers in relation to pay per click advertising:

Pay per click advertising, or paid search as it is often known is an auction based system operated by search engines as well as some of the larger social networking sites.  Whilst PPC is relatively straight forward to set up, its very easy to do incorrectly.  At Zig, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to PPC, ensuring that we maximise the return on investment associated with your PPC advertisement.  Key to PPC is the ability to report on what is working and what isn’t and our dedicated and experienced PPC analysts work with clients to ensure that the necessary returns are generated for your business from any PPC spend.

Social – What Zig offers in relation to social media:

Social media is a global phenomenon and social media consultancy has become an integral part of our product portfolio.  Many of our clients come to us with either no social media history or with a strategy that has failed due to a lack of understanding of how businesses should be using social media.  At Zigideas.com we have a track record of advising businesses how to formulate a cohesive and long terms approach to social media, and our work in this area has lead to a number of awards on behalf our clients.

Viral – What Zig offer in relation to Viral media:

Viral media campaigns can result in huge increases in website traffic and sales.  Here a Zig we have worked with clients to come up with a number of viral campaigns.  Some work, and some don’t, but that’s the nature of viral media, and the ones that tend to work, generally result in spectacular results for clients.

What do Zig’s customer say?

“Zig successfully developed a complete digital strategy for the Australian themed online pokies site, ensuring traffic was doubled off the back of ensuring our casino portal site gave it’s users exactly what they were after – Quality online pokies that their visitors could play either for free or for real money.  At the heart of our approach was ensuring that we accommodated form mobile poke players, ensuring that the poke games provided on the site worked across a broad range of mobile devices.

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